Social Studies Teachers

Mr. Vincent Quinn, Department Chair
Classes Taught: U.S. History, AP US History, Global ICT
Grades Taught: 10th, 11th, 12th

Mr. Quinn attended St. John's University. He enjoys spending time with his children and family.

Ms. Katherine Hou
Classes Taught: Global History II, Global ICT, AP World History
Grades Taught: 9th, 10th

Ms. Hou went to Northeastern University and Queens College, she also spent a year abroad in South Korea to teach English. She loves traveling - having traveled to Asia, Europe, and South America - and likes to share her stories with her AP students.

Mr. Christopher Previte
Classes Taught: Global History I, Government & Economics
Grades Taught: 9th, 12th

Mr. Previte went to SUNY Stony Brook. He likes sleeping in tents, hiking, baseball, and cooking. He also would like to learn how to play guitar. 

Mr. Roberto Saavedra
Classes Taught: Global History I & II
Grades Taught: 9th, 10th

Mr. Saavedra went to St. John's University and Queens College. He enjoys watching movies, playing soccer, community service, and raising money for the poor. 

Mrs. Samantha Stanton
Classes Taught: US History, Government & Economics
Grades Taught: 11th, 12th